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    Says it all

    This event will all be about being close to your little one.

    There will be nice booths where you can feel wraps and carriers, try them and maybe even buy them.

    But also will we expand in giving you all the best for your children.

    And we will not forget the moms.


    20 years of experience in passion and love for ergonomic babywearing

    A babywearing story.
    In 1999 the oldest son of Ingo and Annette Schröder was born. Annette knew from the beginning, she wanted to carry Jan with her in a wrap. In her search for the perfect wrap, she talked to a local weaver. Annette wanted a wrap which only stretched out diagonal, because Jan needed the best support. The weaver made the wrap Annette wanted.
    Proudly as every newborn mom is, she walked Jan in her wrap, not knowing this would be the start of Hoppediz NL. Her friends and other people asked Annette, where they could get a wrap like hers, because it looked so nice! And Hoppediz was born. Happily ever after.

    2019 – Hoppediz is still a small family-business but grew with a variety of articles, like our famous BONDOLINO ® but also our HOP-TYES® from our most beautifull wraps, or the various NABACA ® And have you tried our Ultralights? These are the real beginner and the most soft summer wrap you have ever tried.

    First of all

    We want to give a big thank you to Lewis Flowers & Fruits. They made it possible to have a great venue where we can make this big event happen.


    Bring me to the moon

    One of our sponsors, who will also be at the event, is babymoon. You get to talk to the owner and try and experience the very unique babymoon carrier yourself. You don't want to miss this opportunity

    Woven Clauds

    Dare to be different

    Woven Clauds makes it possible for you to design your own woven wraps. 'Dare to be different' is a statement that best describes our team of mothers and our company

    Neko slings

    Neko slings is the first registered trademark in Turkey who manufacture woven babywearing goods since 2012.

    Our name "neko" means "cat" in Japanese. We are inspired by how mother cats carry their kittens naturally with ease and care. Babywearing is instinctive. Our uniqe motivation is to ensure mothers to carry their babies with the same ease and an instinctive elegance.

    Our story begins with the production of strechy slings and sling covers. We grew stronger with the addition of manufacturing of our own line of woven wrap slings starting from 2015 and distributorships and retailers in Europe. Our distinctive quality that parts us with most, is the quality of our thread and weaving. Our sling collections has a tempting sensation of oriental vibe, has been manufactured in Turkey with the utmost quality of thread and weaving. That is why ancient civilizations have become our muse in our search to find the right names for the collection. We only work with GOTS certified thread and use GOTS certified looms.


    For pretty and sassy wrapconversions

    Baby Carriers, Doll Carriers, Keyfobs, Fluffies and much much more made from wrap fabric.


    Made with love

    At Wanssie we make baby- and motherproducts of natural materials without chemicals. We make pacifiers, theetrings, teethringcords for wraps and carriers, (breast)feedingnecklaces, babyclothing and we sell mother dresses handmade in India.

    The Wrap Doctor

    The one and only

    The wrap doctor is very professional in fixing loose or broken threads. Also will your wrap have a very nice time with a spa from the doctor. She will attend the event and also give a workshop about loose and broken threads.


    Handmade baby accessories made from wrap scraps

    Are you looking for a baby accessory? For your own little one or as a present? Take a look at these beautifull, handmade ones made from wrap scraps.


    Handmade from scraps

    Beautifull hand made scraps from wraps. Everything is possible. Baby accessories, wallets, bags and many more. You are also on the right place if you want to shorten your wrap professionally, or let it convert to a ringsling or scarf.

    Wraps and Cuddles

    Wrap scraps in a new jacket

    I make accessories from wrap scraps, think of key fobs, label clothes, crackling rabbit ears or for example cute scarves.

    Attach & Match

    Accessories from wrap scraps

    I make accessories from wrap scraps, think of key fobs, label clothes, crackling rabbit ears or for example cute scarves.Attach & Match produces and sells sling mirrors, both ready-made and custom of own scrap / fabric. In addition, Attach & Match also sells various jewelery, other accessories and hugs from sling scraps.


    Leather shoes made from scrap

    All the shoes that are on the site are made from scrap leather from the furniture industry

    Nina komt wokken

    I am Nina. I come from a village in the south of Taiwan.

    Nina's food is not only a pleasant catering, but also means exchanging cultural knowledge.

    Beloved Handwerk

    Handmade baby clothes from organic fabrics.

    Because we just switched to organic fabrics, we will have a nice sale at the event for the old stock. And off course our new items made from organic fabrics will be there as well.

    Meijs wearing poncho's

    For the most beautifull wearing ponchos's

    My name is Jeanine van der Meij, 24 years old and live in Leeuwarden. On May 8, 2018 I became the mother of Stef and from that moment I started to wear.
    After an extremely hot summer, autumn weather really came at the end of 2018 & the blankets were over again. But then what? A wear coat was an option but that did not fit in with my costs. And there came the idea for the wearing poncho.
    With the help of my grandmother I worked out my "thoughts" about the poncho and together we started working. All this with a beautiful end result
    I am present at the Carry your love event and I will take different ponchos to try! I'm excited!!
    Love, Jeanine

    CYL Sale booth

    New and used wraps for great prices

    At this booth there will be new wraps straight from the supplier, for very nice discount prices.
    Also will there be used wraps for very nice prices.